Afgelopen december heeft NAHKA weer de handen ineen geslagen met Amsterdamse interieur designer Robin Sluijzer en EcoCabins, bouwers van compacte, maar luxe en duurzame villa’s.


Two of our mats have been mentioned in a @VTWonen special “weer verliefd op je huis” where the fusion of industrial and basic interior design are being explained. 


We’ve joined forces with the beautiful people from Vondel Gym, a place that is world famous in Amsterdam, and where true legends are made. But legends also have kids. 

Behind the scenes

Preparing for our 2019 shoot makes us longing for the first shoot we ever did in Venlo last year.

Hangsnooze x VT Wonen

You can find this minimal, bold and clean beauty in the 4th edition of one of our favorites magazines. 

Wonen by Chantal

Honored to have been mentioned by @wonen_by_chantal as immediate eye catcher on her famous instagram.

VT Wonen

‘Apenkooien' - something you did als a child and every adult still secretly longs for. Something @VTwonen understands too! 


We have some good news, and we have some good news. But unfortunately we have to wait a little longer. 

Kau-lonka leather

Our leather is handmade and vegetable tanned in a traditional way, a method to make the leather more sustainable.

The leather mats are starting to get noticed even more...

Nahka x Yataz

Grateful to have been mentioned with a article at Yataz last month, about the functionality of our leather mats in every interior.

Interior Queen @Jellinadetmar

There is nothing we love more than hearing these magical words from our beloved @jellinadetmar 🙌🏻

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