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Kau-lonka leather

Our products are made of full grain leather which becomes more beautiful with time. The skin of an animal has individual variations in grains, pores, thickness and colour.

The term 'pull up' leather does not stand for one specific type of leather, but for a certain appearance of leather. You can also speak better of leather with a 'pull up' effect. This effect, a colour nuance in the leather, is created by pulling the leather on tension (pull up). The part that comes under tension, therefore, slightly colours up.

Pull up leather in the wax or oil is usually a full-grain leather type, made from full aniline leather. This full of aniline leather is dyed through with aniline dyes (pigments) and treated with vegetable oils to make the substrate darker in colour. During the final processing phase in the tannery, hot oil or wax is used to roll over the grain of the leather. In use, this leather will become lighter in colour over time.

Our leather is handmade and vegetable tanned in a traditional way, a method to make the leather more sustainable. The skin of an animal has individual variations in grains, pores, thickness and colour. The natural scars and pigments in the skin remain visible in our products, making the leather look natural and even more beautiful over time.

Care instructions

  • Sun discolours the leather which dries the leather out
  • Do not place the leather product against painted floors or walls. The leather products are provided with an oil layer, this can give stains.
  • Please avoid rubbing against anything fragile or bright coloured clothes.
  • Ensure sufficient humidity.
  • Do not place leather near heat sources.
  • Leather with a protective layer is also light and heat sensitive.
  • Be careful with sharp objects.
  • Always dab at stains, do not rub.
  • Never use aggressive substances.
  • Always use specialist treatment product suitable for pull up leather.
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